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Helping investors maximise their financial and non-financial value



Who are we?

Util exists to support an investment community that is increasingly being assessed on both its financial and non-financial practice and performance.

We are optimists, firmly believing that mainstream investment will be a force for global good over the next generation. Our mission is to provide investors with the means to make long-term, transparent and sustainable investments in companies who truly create value.

What's in a name?

A ‘util’ is a unit of utility: the state of being useful, profitable, and beneficial. For centuries we’ve attempted to better understand utility – who generates it? How is it consumed? Can you put a price on it? We believe that, by better understanding the utility companies create, we can provide a new way to help investors and companies think about, and ultimately measure success. 



We are aligned with the forefront of thought leadership in the field of responsible investing.




Stephen Barnett - CEO and co-founder

After graduating from Cambridge, Stephen worked for HSBC across two continents and multiple divisions. Since then, Stephen has turned his hand to entrepreneurship, having recently set up a school in Mozambique, among other projects. Stephen has also taken numerous advisory, fundraising and mentorship positions across the investing landscape, and is part of the think tank.


Abdel Turkmani - CTO and co-founder

Abdel is a computer science graduate from the University of Oxford with an emphasis on machine/deep learning and data science. Previously Head of Data Science a Namur Capital Management, Abdel brings a combination of financial knowledge and advanced technical skills to the team.


David Calfo - Investment Director

David Calfo has over 25 years experience in Financial Services in the US, UK and Continental Europe. In a wide range of Executive and advisory roles, David has established, managed and advised retirement and investment businesss for some of the largest Financial Services firms. His varied experience includes positions at Fidelity, Capital Group and BNY Mellon.