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We are currently working with two established industry partners in the development of our methodology. Over the next 12 months, our partners will assess and audit the Util methodology, as well as actively integrate our data in their investment strategies.


ACTIAM is the leading responsible asset manager for more than one million people in the Netherlands, with €54.1 billion in assets under management (December 2017). ACTIAM offers a comprehensive range of investment funds and investment solutions, extending from index investing all the way to impact investing. ACTIAM imposes strict criteria on its investments and follows a robust selection process without making concessions to financial returns. 

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Hermes Investment Management offer clients access to a broad range of specialist, high conviction investment teams with £33.0 billion assets under management. Hermes believe that they have a duty to deliver holistic returns – outcomes for their clients that go far beyond the financial and consider the impact their decisions have on society, the environment and the wider world.


We are always looking for collaborations with industry leaders. Our methodology relies upon expertise from across disciplines to understand and measure non-financial performance. If you are interested in partnering with us or wish to pilot Util please enter your details here.

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