As Researcher at Util you will develop our Total Value methodology. You will be responsible for ensuring that our methodology, which drives company and investment analysis, is theoretically robust and scalable. You will be comfortable with Statistics, Mathematics, Data Science, Finance and Economics and will have a passion for how data can be used to make superior investment decisions. 

As one of the first members of our growing team, we expect you to contribute to all aspects of Util, including strategy, company culture and product development. You will become a critical link between our academic advisors, the wider practitioner community,  and our product development team.


What You'll Do:

  • Conduct research on how companies create and destroy value for society, the planet and financial stakeholders;

  • Synthesize research and build on the progress made to date on our impact assessment methodology;

  • Identify relevant sources of data, and contribute to creative ways to create new data where it previously didn’t exist;

  • Work closely with our engineering team to build your methodology into a product, with the ability to analyse thousands of companies at scale;

  • Contribute to Util’s culture and wider strategy, helping us practice what we preach by creating value for people, planet and pocket.


What We Look For:

  • Strong knowledge of economics and finance with an understanding of environmental economics and a practical knowledge of natural capital accounting;
  • Strong knowledge of statistics and a working knowledge of Data Science techniques;
  • Ability to work individually and in a team;
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in priority, with the understanding that processes and structures are not rigid at an early stage startup;
  • An iterative problem-solving approach, with a “get it done and then improve” not “get it perfect” mentality;
  • Comfort with uncertainty - where others see unchartered territory you see the opportunity to innovate;
  • The desire to work in an idea meritocracy, where all ideas are welcomed and the only metric is quality.


Things We Think About a Lot:

  • How to create the incentives and network effects necessary for the widespread adoption of a new investment bottom-line;

  • What responsibility does the Company have to maximise non-financial value?

  • Is intangible value fungible (can you offset natural capital destruction by creating societal value)?

  • What is the economic value-add of selling a healthcare product in a developing country?

  • Can we successfully integrate non-financial value into traditional financial statements?


More Information:

  • Competitive salary;

  • Pension;

  • Unlimited holidays;

  • Half a day a week dedicated to learning something new;

  • A staff free book policy; purchase one free book a week and contribute to our growing library;

  • Flexible working as standard;

  • Central London location;

  • 3-month probation period.

  • Start-date: 3rd September (or earlier if possible)

Please email with a short covering note and your LinkedIn profile.