Data Engineer


As a Data Engineer at Util, you will tackle a wide range of problems, designing an end-to-end data pipeline. Your work will involve real-world, dirty and diverse datasets and a crucial part of your job will be efficiently collecting and cleaning the data in addition to deploying analytical models. While you will own your specific set of problems to be solved, expect to work closely with the rest of the engineering team to ensure the different solutions integrate with one another efficiently.

 As one of the first members of our growing team, we expect you to contribute to all aspects of Util, including strategy, company culture and product development.

What You'll Do:

  • Build pipelines to collect, clean and store data from multiple external and internal sources

  • Ensure our database is synchronized with dozens of external sources

  • Integrate data collection, cleaning and aggregation tools with our natural language processing models

  • Design representations of nodes in the graph database, ensuring these representations capture the breadth of metadata about nodes

  • Discover and add new data sources to the database

  • Work with our data scientists and researchers to derive insights from our knowledge graph, building queries and APIs to help ensure easy access to the graph by both our research team and clients

  • Deploy pipelines to the cloud for public access

 What We Look For:

  •  Strong software engineering background, with a good grasp of data structures and algorithms

  • Evidenced experience building software projects, ideally with opensource contributions and projects on Github

  • Experience with relational or non-relational databases

  • Experience aggregating public data through a combination of APIs and Web Scraping

  • Ability to work individually and in a team

  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in priority, with the understanding that process and structures are not rigid at an early stage startup

  • An iterative problem-solving approach, with a “get it done and then improve” not “get it perfect” mentality

  • Comfort with uncertainty - where others see unchartered territory you see the opportunity to innovate

  • The desire to work in an idea meritocracy, where all ideas are welcomed and the only metric is quality.


You will be working in a growing, well-funded startup based in Central London, with strong academic ties to Oxford University.

  • Central London office location

  • Wednesday afternoons dedicated to learning with a budget assigned to personal development

  • Util book club – the company is building up a library and will purchase books – as requested and within reason - relevant to your personal and professional development

  • Ability to sponsor employment visas under exceptional circumstances

  • Eligibility for auto-enrolment into the company’s defined contribution pension scheme

  • Provision of certain items of computer equipment

  • Flexible working

  • Holiday entitlement of minimum 20 days + bank holidays + additional holiday.

How to apply:

 Please send your LinkedIn profile and covering letter to The application process, from start to finish will take under two weeks.