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A new bottom line for responsible investors

Util uses machine learning to help responsible investors estimate the impact of companies and investments on people, planet and pocket.

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Outcomes based

Util's methodology analyses the outcomes of listed company products and services. Instead of assessing disclosure and policies, Util looks at how a company has created or destroyed value for its key stakeholders through its products and services. 

Example: the impact of a company‚Äôs products on the health of its consumers is included in our analysis. An employer Health and Safety policy is not. 


SDG Alignment

Util's methodology quantifies the direct and indirect impacts of company products and services on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Example: an investor with an express focus on SDG3, Good Health and Well-being will be able to screen for those companies that contribute most to SDG3, tracking portfolio performance against a standard SDG3 benchmark index. 


Comparable Metrics

Util's metrics are comparable across all companies. Investors can compare company performance across a wide range of comparable impact metrics.

Example: a fund can present its total return on investment, summing contributions from all portfolio companies. Total returns can be tracked and compared with benchmark indexes and rival funds.


Machine Learning Supported

Our analysis is powered by the state of the art in machine learning. Util uses machine learning to establish a quantified positive or negative link between a product and each of the 17 SDGs.

Example: the relationship between Tesla's Solar Panel generation and SDG13, Climate Action, is strong/positive as solar generation reduces reliance on CO2 emitting baseload coal stations. 


Early Access

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