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A new bottom line for responsible investors

Util provides alternative data and insights for the responsible investor. Powered by our unique methodology, Util allows investors to screen, monitor and report based on holistic company performance.

Util is currently working closely with two large asset manager partners to deliver our methodology and data to the investment community later this year. 

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Reimagining company value

Responsible investment managers are increasingly using ESG metrics to support their investment decisions. However, financial 'bottom line' returns remain the only comparable measure of investment success.

In response, Util has developed a methodology to allow responsible investors to compare, monitor and report the financial and non-financial performance of their investments.


Shifting the goalposts 

Our aim is to help shift the goalposts of what it means to achieve investment success. By analysing the financial and non-financial value companies contribute to a diverse range of stakeholders; including employees, customers and the environment, we help investors to better compare, monitor and report a more complete picture of investment success. We want to provide Util as a tool for investors who wish to maximise both financial and non-financial returns on investment. 




The power of comparison 

What's measured matters. Util's methodology collects comparable data on a wide range of stakeholders, working towards a single metric that reveals the value a company has created, and destroyed, for its stakeholders.  Our 'annual value generated' metric can be explored in detail by investors, or simply used as a way to better understand, articulate and compare a company's financial and non-financial performance during a given year. 

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Sustainable Development Goal alignment

Util aligns financial and non-financial performance to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. A company which offsets its carbon exposure contributes to SDG #13, Climate Action. In the same way, a company which provides medical devices in developing countries contributes to SDG #3, Good Health and Well-being.

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A new data set

Supporting Util's methodology is a new data set that combines company disclosures with unique data collection and creation. From employee sentiment analysis to aligning revenue with the SDGs, Util provides unique insights for its clients.